About Us

O.G. Keystone Schutzhund Club is a full member club of the Working German Shepherd Dog Promotion Association (WGSDPA) of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF).


The Working German Shepherd Dog Promotion Association (WGSDPA) was established to promote representation of the German Shepherd Dog at the annual American Working Dog Federation IGP Championship. Additionally, the WGSDPA seeks to promote the appreciation for and awareness of the German Shepherd Dog's utilitarian aspects that benefit and serve mankind.  

The WGSDPA is of the belief that promotion of effective and humane training and evaluation techniques is integral to its purpose. Towards such ends, the WGSDPA will promote seminars, judges' workshops and various programs under the American Working Dog Federation banner. 

Eventually, the WGSDPA seeks to support German Shepherd Dogs and their Handlers who participate in other dogsports recognized by the AWDF, such as Mondio Ring and Herding.  


The American Working Dog Federation (AWDF) was founded on June 17, 1989 in St. Louis, Missouri. Its ongoing purpose is to develop awareness in the United States of the need to provide a strong foundation for, and to represent, the working dog throughout the world.

The AWDF provides a platform for organizations dedicated to preserving the working characteristics of their breeds.